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EverWash Membership Subscription Program

With EverWash you can offer monthly subscription plans to your clientele

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There used to be a thought that membership couldn't work in IBA and
Self-Serve car washes. With $0 down to get started, EverWash and
CryptoPay's partnership has changed that thought.

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Make membership a key part of your IBA & Self-Serve Revenue Picture

EverWash in an all-in-one subscription management platform which has
helped hundreds of wash operators grow their recurring revenue
beyond their expectations. EverWash will manage your entire
membership program from setup to reporting with services that

  • Seamless integration between CryptoPay & EverWash
  • No risk Pay-for-Performance model
  • Real-Time Analytics with operational & sales insights
  • Targeted customer messages to boost conversions
  • Signage design and cost sharing support
  • Secure and cost-effective solution for your Wash
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