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Genesys is Built on Dependability

We want to make accepting payments as cost-effective,
simple, and easy as possible.

Genesys Technologies Supplies Point of Sale Solutions to the
Unattended Cleaning Solution Environments

Founded in 2001 with a goal in mind to keep transactions secure, and the
process cost-effective and simple.

Award Winning Customer Service

In a global field of more than 10,000 businesses, CryptoPay was recently
ranked in the top 100 providers for best customer service as measured by
the chat provider LiveHelpNow. This recognition highlights the
professionalism, skill, concern, and quest to provide the best service

Live Chat for Support

Thank you for using our live chat for your sales and service needs. This is
truly the best way to get your questions and service needs handled in a
timely and efficient manner. If you haven't used our web chat service,
please try it - you'll like it. Click on the web chat icon from your login site or from the Live Chat icon below.

A Solution that Pays for Itself

Combined tickets reduce credit card fees and credit card use is proven to
increase purchase and final ticket expenditure.

We Make it Easy for your Clientele

With easy to understand and visual queuing graphics, we make
the payment process as simple as possible.