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What do the CryptoPay LED colors mean?

Flashing Yellow: Out of Service Mode. Card reader will not accept a card swipe. All Self Service Bay and Vacuum card readers are shipped in this mode.

Multiple Colors Cascading Down: The card reader is ready to accept a card payment.

Flashing Red: Flashing red during the initial power up of card reader means the swiper is scanning radio channels and searching for the coordinator signal. Three red LED's flashing immediately after a card swipe is a misread of card (try again) or the card is invalid or out of expiration. Three red flashes after the light bar turned blue for several seconds after a card swipe means the card was denied or the card approval could not be completed.

Solid Blue: Verifying card. The light bar will turn blue while the card approval is taking place.

Solid Green: Card approved and the wash begins. The light bar turns green after approval and stays green till cycle is finished.

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