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CryptoPay for Laundry

The Most Secure and Cost Effective Choice for Adding Credit Card Acceptance at your Laundry!

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Cryptopay Credit Card System - Laundry

The CryptoPay Credit Card System is - The Most Secure and Cost Effective Choice for Adding Credit Card Acceptance at your Laundry!

Low Start Up Cost and no minimum quantities to purchase. Add swipers at your pace and budget.

CryptoPay Credit Card Security prevents credit card data from being 'in the clear' and at risk. This is accomplished by encrypting the credit card data at the moment, and point, of the credit card swipe. CryptoPay provides secure credit card processing that 'Simply Stops Fraud' at the point of credit card swipe.

CryptoPay Wireless Credit Card Swipers reduces your installation time and cost. The system uses a secure wireless network enabling the laundry owner to install CryptoPay swipers at multiple places without needing to run CAT5 cabling.

CryptoPay Single and Multi-Vend Solution Our unique CryptoPay Swiper design used in conjunction with our CryptoPay DC Relay Kit should allow us to activate any machine. We are essentially emulating what the coin mechanism would do. Utilizing our CryptoPay Swiper button allows additional credits to be sent to the machine facilitating multi-vend pricing, adding additional credits, and additional dryer time.

CRYPTOPAY CONSOLIDATION is one of the key innovative features of the CryptoPay Credit Card System which reduces the laundry owners processing fees.

The example on the left shows fifteen customer transactions consolidated into one final $29.00 charge.

“I chose CryptoPay for my laundromat after I looked at my other choices in the marketplace. I simply needed a device to take credit cards without any ‘extras’ that would just confuse my customers. I also didn't want to spend thousands of dollars for a simple credit card swiper. CryptoPay was exactly that! I love that to date I haven't had a single issue with the operation of any machine. They're great looking on my equipment, went in easily, and my customers love them. I like the simple reports that I look at on my smartphone. Processing through WorldPay is easy and they were real helpful in setting up my account. The guys at CryptoPay were just as easy to work with and I couldn't be happier! I also added them to my dog washes and will be adding them to my new location in a few months. I can't imagine using anything else.” - CRAIG PETERSON, Frisco Wash Tub and Clear Creek Laundry, Colorado

“CryptoPay has proven very beneficial to our laundry business. It has allowed us to offer multi vend options to suit all of our customers' needs. The system was very easy to install and has been hassle free from the start. Compared to the other systems on the market CryptoPay has proven to me to be the best option.” - ERIC VANDERHOOF, London Drycleaners and Coin Laundry, London KY

“We wanted to add credit card acceptance in our coin laundry but we had trouble finding a system that seemed to fit our scenario. All of our washers and dryers have coin mechs that accept quarters, dollar coins, dollar tokens, and that proved a challenge for some of the companies that provide the equipment for card acceptance. I knew CryptoPay was huge in the carwash industry so I called Dave and he immediately said our mechs were no problem for them. He walked us through the simple installation and the system has worked flawlessly. We have really liked CryptoPay because it was a good value and it gave us the opportunity to add swipers a few at a time. The site analytics also provides us with very good reporting. - STEVEN DAWKINS, Peanut's Inc., Georgia

CRYPTOPAY VIDEOS: Click on the video to the leftbelow to see how CryptoPay works on a washer and dryer.


  • Low Cost
  • No Minimum Card Reader Purchase
  • CryptoPay Live Webchat Technical Support
  • CryptoPay Online Knowledge Base
  • Accept Credit/Debit Cards
  • Wireless Card Readers
  • Card Reader with Built-in LED Light Bar
  • Card Reader with Built-in LED Push Button
  • Single and Multi-Vend
  • CryptoPay Transaction Consolidation
  • CryptoPay Credit Card Encryption
  • CryptoPay Smart Swiper Storage
  • System is Remotely Configurable
  • MyCryptoPay Cloud-Based Site Management Tool
  • Engineered and Built in the USA
  • CryptoPay Site Analytics
  • CryptoPay GoGreen Receipt Service

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