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CryptoPay for Car Wash

The CryptoPay Credit Card System: tested and proven in the field, designed with Unparalleled Security, Innovation, Affordability, Versatility, and Ease of Installation.

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CryptoPay Credit Card System - Car Wash

The CryptoPay Credit Card System: tested and proven in the field, designed with Unparalleled Security, Innovation, Affordability, Versatility, and Ease of Installation.

CryptoPay Credit Card Security is at the heart of the CryptoPay Credit Card system - Security that ‘Simply Stops Fraud’. CryptoPay security prevents credit card data from being ‘in the clear’ and at risk. This is accomplished by encrypting the credit card data at the moment, and point, of the credit card swipe.

Innovation is embedded into the CryptoPay Credit Card system. Innovative features like CryptoPay Consolidation, CryptoPay Secure Wireless Mesh Network, and the CryptoPay Cloud-Based Online Services. Swipers can be installed, cost effectively, in self-serve bays, vacuums, vending machines, pet washes, and autocashiers.

Affordability was a key goal in the design of the CryptoPay Credit Card System. CryptoPay has provided an affordable solution allowing car wash owners to put credit card acceptance in multiple places at their wash site.

Versatility is built into the CryptoPay Credit Card System. The CryptoPay Swipers can be installed and configured to run on Self-Serve Bays, Vacuums, Drop Shelf Vending, Pet Wash, and autocashiers and paystations including; Hamilton ACW4 and ACW5, Hamilton Goldline, Unitec Wash Select II, and American Changer Paystation

CryptoPay Wireless Credit Card Swipers reduces your installation time and cost. The system uses a secure wireless network enabling the laundry owner to install CryptoPay swipers at multiple places without needing to run CAT5 cabling.

CryptoPay Autocashier Retrofit Kits

The CryptoPay Autocashier Retrofit kits are available for the Hamilton Goldline, Hamilton ACW4 and ACW5, Unitec Wash Select II, American Changer Paystation. CryptoPay Retrofit Kits provide the following advantages:

  • Secure Credit Card Processing that ‘Simply Stops Fraud’ at the point of credit card swipe
  • Reduce card verification time utilizing broadband internet speed
  • Reduce your fees with CryptoPay Consolidation
  • New Lexan Face Plate provides a fresh, clean, modern look
  • GoGreen Online Receipt Service (Included for 1 year)

CRYPTOPAY CONSOLIDATION is one of the key innovative features of the CryptoPay Credit Card System which reduces the car wash owners processing fees.

Example: A customer visits your car wash and swipes her credit card to start the automatic, and is charged $10.00. Ten minutes later swipes her card twice at the vacuum, and is charged $1.00 per swipe. CryptoPay combines these three charges into one $12.00 charge that is submitted to the credit card company. The result is only one merchant fee for the three purchases. Other systems would charge one fee for each separate purchase.

CRYPTOPAY FLEET CARD SERVICE includes the following benefits:

  • Providing a fleet card service to customers that are interested in washing their fleet vehicles including: Police Departments, Utility Companies, Towing Companies, Oil and Gas Pipe Line Companies, Colleges and Universities, Car Dealerships.
  • Enabling your fleet customers to establish an account with your car wash.
  • Builds stronger relationships with your fleet customers.
  • Helps your fleet customers control expenses.
  • Provide fleet account discounts.
  • Use the CryptoPay Fleet Account Management Tools to create new fleet accounts, assign cards, and view transaction by fleet account or fleet card. Create fleet invoices showing fleet transaction date, fleet card user, and total transaction charges.

“The CryptoPay system has been fantastic for us with self-serve bays, vacuums, and Hamilton auto cashier retrofits. A credit card system that truly has it all, low cost, simple installation, reliability, and top notch support. When it comes to retrofitting credit card acceptance CryptoPay is King!” - Brock Taylor, Car Wash Installer/Technician, Edmond OK

“CryptoPay Credit Card System has no complicated wiring. If you can screw in a light bulb you can install CryptoPay. CryptoPay has been up and running for a year and never a problem and the money just finds its way to my bank account. Compact design that is easy to adapt to existing bay doors. CryptoPay is built for the car wash environment and we use the units in the most severe environment and if corrosion was an issue it would have failed already.” - Jeff Staffin, Lil Rascals Car Wash, Dallas Texas

“In August 2011 I installed CryptoPay in two of my car washes. These were the first CryptoPay installations and I was the beta site. I am very satisfied and still have the two original installs along with two other sites for a total of four car wash locations with CryptoPay.” - Morris Hoole, Dixmor Enterprises, Littleton, Colorado

“For years I looked at credit card systems. They all seemed very complex and extremely costly with very long pay backs. It was refreshing to find a system, CryptoPay, that was cost effective, simple to install, and requires virtually no operator monitoring or maintenance with top notch customer service as well as a fast payback. I have a full time day job as well as many kids and two car washes. It is important to me that the credit card system does not require my daily attention to operate. Thank you for the opportunity to work with CryptoPay.” - Ken Scheeler, Shasta Spotless Carwash, Redding California

“I have used it since December 2011 in a 7 bay self-serve. Product is easy to install and very reliable. Technical support is extraordinary. I'm contacted via e-mail if my system goes down to alleviate customer frustration and loss of revenue. My revenue via CryptoPay has increase each year with the customer normally using $5.00 - $6.00 of time versus those who insert coins and make a mad dash to wash vehicle in the initial 4 minute time period particularly when the beeper sounds. Summary....great product, excellent support, equitably priced, increased revenue each year...what's not to like.” - Jerry Bearden, Kim’s Car Wash, Modesto, CA

CRYPTOPAY VIDEOS: Click on the video to the leftbelow to see an overview of the CryptoPay Credit Card System.


  • Low Cost
  • No Minimum Card Reader Purchase
  • CryptoPay Live Webchat Technical Support
  • CryptoPay Online Knowledge Base
  • Accept Credit/Debit Cards
  • Wireless Card Readers
  • Card Reader with Built-in LED Light Bar
  • Card Reader with Built-in LED Push Button
  • Single and Multi-Vend
  • CryptoPay Transaction Consolidation
  • CryptoPay Credit Card Encryption
  • CryptoPay Smart Swiper Storage
  • System is Remotely Configurable
  • MyCryptoPay Cloud-Based Site Management Tool
  • Engineered and Built in the USA
  • CryptoPay Site Analytics
  • CryptoPay GoGreen Receipt Service

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